Perfect Alignment

Perfect Fit, #2

This book started out with a fantasy most women can identify with; the cop on the side of the road. And boy was it a steamy introduction to our hero Drew. But he raises the question later about what kind of idiot endangers his job that way. He had me from then on. Drew's characters was a well rounded adult but with one major flaw - he was raised by emotionally stunted parents. And that has had dramatic impact on his own relationships.

Emma is delightful and free-spirited. She's experienced grief and embraces life because of it instead of hiding herself to avoid more pain. Very mature thinking. She enters Drew's life and begins worming her way in without even trying. She's just what he's always needed but never looked for out of fear. I really enjoyed Drew's friend Toby but didn't really see a purpose for him other than sexual titillation. Unlike the first book in the series, Toby was an afterthought rather than an integral part of the romance. That's not to say I didn't like him and wouldn't appreciate him having his own story, but I felt he detracted rather than added to the book.

This is the second book in the series and there promises to be more. The sex and chemistry between Drew and Emma is hot and edgy but got to be a little repetitive and a little creepy when the Dom attitude went a little farther than I would have liked. I liked how the book ended, with obstacles seen for molehills instead of mountains and the cooperation both showed to make the relationship go farther than the agreed-upon deadline.

Book Blurb for Perfect Alignment

When Emma gets pulled over for speeding, the last thing she expects is for the cop to decide that his handcuffs would look a lot better on her than they do on his belt. Maybe her plan to own her sexuality by wearing a BDSM necklace wasn't her best idea. Then again, seeing the heat in the man's eyes as he orders her out of her car, maybe it was the best idea she's ever had.

Drew can't believe the risk he takes when he makes a move on the speeder in the convertible, but she's damn near irresistible. When their encounter turns into an amazing afternoon of play, he knows he has to keep seeing her, even if it goes against all the rules he's set for himself.

Neither Emma nor Drew is in the right place to start a relationship, so they agree to keep playing as long as they're having fun together. And they are having a lot of fun together, especially when Drew's best friend comes to town. Two men, one woman, and a sailboat. A recipe for pleasure, but how do Emma and Drew keep their hearts from wanting more than their practical lives are willing to deliver?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50