Passionate by Moonbeam

Alien Abductions 4

The series continues with Winona and Vern. Introduced by Storm, Ary's mate from book 3, Winona and Vern start off with a bang and when they finally meet in person, can't wait to really "connect." While the Silans are pigeonholed from the start as to how they will spend their lives, Vern secretly is cross-training himself. This comes in very handy throughout the book as he is forced to deal with all kinds of crises. Winona, while a woman of learning, at times seemed a little simple in the head. Too trusting and naive by far, she invests herself emotionally when she should hold back in her profession.

I was relieved that the Silans were finally exposed on a wider basis than one human female at a time, and the author must not be familiar with the military at all considering how calm and accepting they were in this book. That said, the tongue-in-cheek story of the Silans and their voyeuristic ways continues while a broader story line is engaged. A good addition to the 50's science fiction movie-like series.

Book Blurb for Passionate by Moonbeam

Vern has dedicated himself to healing his people, seeking to prove his worth. He faces an uphill battle to claim Winona, a human astrobiologist. While Vern’s days are filled with hard work, his nights are spent engaging in steamy online encounters with his lusty human.

He tells himself he can wait to touch her, taste her, love her…until enemy forces attack Earth. Now Vern will do anything to keep her safe. He will defy his Rulers, storm across a carnage-filled battlefield, take Win in every way a woman can be taken.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00