Passion of Madeline

Ménage in the Wild West. Who would have thunk it? This threw me for a loop when I read it. It was a ménage, but not. What made it different is that the two men were not aware of the others involvement with Madeline. Was that wrong of her? Why should it be! Men have been doing it for years. 
What made this story different was how the men handled it when they found out about the others’ feelings for Madeline, and hers for both of them. While I was a little disappointed at the arrangement they came to at the end, I can only envy Madeline her situation. 

Book Blurb for Passion of Madeline

Madeline LaFontaine was a woman who thought she knew herself. The Wild West was changing, she told herself, and with those changes came civility and education. She planned to be a teacher and make an independent living.
What she didn't plan on was her stagecoach getting attacked by renegade outlaws. And she certainly didn't plan on being rescued by Cole Darden and his mixed-blood friend, Hawk.
As the trio make their way slowly back to civilisation, Madeline finds herself falling in love with both men. Can she choose one over the other? Does she have the courage...two choose both?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.00