Passion Awakened

How do you cut back on aggression and crime in the future? Suppress all emotion, especially those related to sex. Hints of the Christian Bale movie Equilibrium (a personal favorite I own) had me requesting this book toot sweet. I wasn’t disappointed.

With Creed full of conviction that what his government is doing is right he chases down those who have turned their back on the drug called Sustain that has saved the human race from self destruction. When Creed finds himself stranded 600 years in the past with his Sustain supply destroyed he’s determined to rise above his “base” needs. But what are humans if we don’t feel? Creed is about to find out how sterile his existence has been up to this pivotal point.

Shayla has sequestered herself in the family cabin to work on her next book. Instead she gets a battle fought on her deck that leaves her reeling. The opponent who won zaps out of existence, and the wounded man who remains has one hell of a story. Her natural curiosity draws her into an adventure even her imagination couldn’t have created.

Loved it! Sexy and full of determination Creed was yummy. Shayla became his all and not just because of proximity. A wonderful love story with the eroticism of Creed’s “innocence” thrown in for overwhelming sexual tension and a few mind screws for good measure. This is a story I will return to.

Book Blurb for Passion Awakened

In the far future, humans are forced to take government-issued drugs to control their sexual urges. Creed Donovan, drug enforcer for the Federation of Americas, is on the trail of a fugitive. The chase through time has landed him in the year 2012, six hundred years into the past and in the mountains of North Carolina.

Shayla Murphy is on hiatus, working on her latest novel when her peaceful retreat turns into a hostage scene straight out of a sci-fi flick—one complete with a knife at her throat and men zapping into thin air. But when the sexy man who saves her needs a little rescue of his own, Shayla can’t kick him out. Especially after he reveals he’s from the future, his ride home stolen, and his own supply of Sustain, the drug he enforces, gone with it.

Without Sustain, Creed’s suppressed lust will soon awaken, and he’s never experienced his libido untethered. Trapped with a beautiful new roommate and on the verge of detox, he struggles to suppress the raging desire in his blood. Only God can help him survive with his mind and heart intact.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50