Park and Ride

Kellee is making the long trek home on Friday night. She’s struggling to stay awake and weighing whether she needs to pull over for a catnap before she ends up falling asleep at the wheel. She loves her new job but could do without the required once-a-week commute. All she wants is to see her precious son and start her weekend. When she sees headlights coming up fast behind her a few grisly scenarios go through her mind. A man with his hands on his own personal stick shift determined to give her a show wasn’t one of them.

Well I’m obviously driving on the wrong stretches of road late at night. The beginning of this quick read was original and erotic and definitely caught my attention. The following explanation of the interlude and the struggle behind it kept it. Very sexy, steamy and hope inspiring this was a great read for those looking for something different.

Book Blurb for Park and Ride

A late night trek on a lonely stretch of highway gets Kellee yawning…that is until a hot stranger in a sports car catches up and begins to give her a naughty show. Enthralled, she can’t take her eyes off the dirty things he does, her eyes glued to his body more than the road.

When he points to a rest stop sign, she knows she’s at an impasse…keep on driving for home, or take a ride on the wild side? Should she take a chance for one wild, hot night?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, public exhibition, sex toys, anal play.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50