Par Three

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Par Three

Husbands and Wives (and Lovers) - Book 1

The kids are grown up and living their own lives. This time in their life is for each other, right? Wrong. Emma thought that she and her husband would find each other again in this new stage in their life. But, he's never home, or he's late. Is he having an affair?

Aaron has always worked hard for his family. Now that the kids are grown, he doesn't know how to stop. And his beautiful wife is distant. His best friend Silas knows something is going on and encourages Aaron to talk. Is she having an affair? This doubt sparks Silas to share a secret he and his late wife shared, and gets Aaron to thinking about how to fix things at home.

This was a great read, and illustrated what a lack of communication can do to a really great relationship. It stressed to me that one should not take things for granted, talk with your counterpart, and if it's important, it's worth anything to fix. This story is a non-traditional storyline that is a well-written and sensitive romance.

Book Blurb for Par Three

Series: Husbands & Wives

Genre: Full-figured Heroine, M‚nage

Length: Novella

Three friends, two problems, and a sexually outrageous suggestion that might fix everything.

After twenty years of marriage has Emma Howell's happy-ever-after finally come to an end? As she reaches the mid-point in her life, she wishes she still had the intimacy and closeness she sees in her friends' marriages.

Her kids are gone. Her husband works later than ever, and he's never home early, which leaves her even lonelier. And then there's the sex they don't have. Do those late nights involve another woman? Is Aaron about to trade her in for a newer, younger model?

Aaron Howell is certain his wonderfully curvy, intelligent and sexy wife is considering having an affair. They haven't had sex for months, and his worries about his marriage failing have grown so big even his golf game's affected.

Their friend Silas Worth is finally finding his feet after losing his wife, Joan, to cancer -- although he's not yet ready for another relationship. Pity no one told his libido that. Might his and Joan's explorations into the swinging scene provide the answer for all three of them?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, Bondage (mild), Masturbation, M‚nage (m/f/m), Spanking, Voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75