Panther's Claim

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Panther's Claim

Bitten Point, #2

The plot thickens. In the second book in the series something is horribly wrong in Bitten Point and it’s starting to show. Apparently things have been brewing in the background for years, but either a timeline has been moved up or the perpetrators are getting sloppy.

Enter Cynthia, shy wolf shifter looking for her missing friend. Cynthia is kind of a mini-tornado/natural disaster who will do anything for her long-time friend and that includes becoming a felon to find her. At this point she meets Daryl, who quickly becomes an integral part of her search. I liked her gumption and her determination to press through her own phobias and insecurities regardless of the personal circumstances in her quest.

Daryl is your average guy if you leave out the shifter part. He bumps along life nicely with no discernible tethers and then he meets Cynthia. She knocks him for a loop and suddenly he’s vacillating back and forth with himself, fighting his instinctive urges to make Cynthia his.

I enjoyed the dialogue immensely, had many laugh-out-loud moments and especially appreciated the relationship Cynthia had with her parents. I felt the book, while it had the snark, was a little light on the uncontrollable chemistry I anticipate between mates. I blame that on Daryl and his cold feet. The next book in the series is a must read and I’m anxious for the mystery to start to unravel a bit.

Book Blurb for Panther's Claim

Cynthia: So I met a man.

Mom: Is he single?

Hitting on the wrong woman finds Daryl regaining consciousness in a motel taped to a chair. Things were looking up--and not just below the belt.

A sexy, cocoa-complexioned veterinarian--with killer curves--wants answers, and he's only too happy to give them to her, for a price, say a kiss, or something more, from those luscious lips. The problem is Cynthia isn't the type to fall for flirty words and panty-dropping smiles. She tempts Daryl into helping her. Teases him into acting. Claims his heart without even trying.

But that was okay because...She's mine...and someone was trying to hurt her.

Hell no.

This kitty isn't afraid to unleash his claws and rescue the woman he wants.

An intriguing, hot woman, a mystery, and danger? Sounds like fun, and Daryl is ready to play. He'll do anything to claim Cynthia as his mate.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00