Packing Heat

Brad Archer has been out since high school and has paid a high price. He’s careful about who he chooses to be his lover and emotional involvement is not in the plan. Which leaves him wondering why he allowed Gavin Connolly to be his roommate. He’s tall, tough and masculine; Brad’s kryptonite. Being a big man himself he craves the same, not some small twink. Who can have fun when they are afraid they’ll break their partner? Besides, Gavin is ambiguous at best. Presents himself straight but Brad senses he’s closeted. Disaster in the making. Why then is he torturing himself?

After Gavin is involved in a shooting on the job he’s a wreck. Drinking too much loosens his control and he indulges his desire for his roommate Brad. After an explosive encounter he’s ready for it all, but Brad is resistant. There’s a story there, but is Gavin the man to bring it out of Brad?

A lot of emotion zinging around in this story. Both men have issues with their sexuality for different reasons related to their upbringing and past experiences. Don’t we all? As they wade through the emotional sludge they find true love and something worth fighting for. Very sexy and at times rough, I really enjoyed this read about two strong and physically imposing men finding a way to be themselves and be together.

Book Blurb for Packing Heat

Dark and brooding firefighter Brad Archer has spent months denying his attraction to his roommate, police officer Gavin Connolly. Gavin is just the kind of guy he likes: tall, tough, and buff enough to actually handle Brad's big size and rough nature.

To hide his real feelings Brad holds the handsome, seemingly straight cop at arms' length until a shooting at work leaves Gavin a little too vulnerable to ignore. What starts out as a simple attempt to comfort his roommate blows up into something wild, sexual, and wholly unexpected when Gavin wants more from Brad than a strong firefighter's shoulder to lean on.

The sexual magnetism drawing the two of them together forces secrets to be revealed, and though the sex is mind-blowing it may not be worth weathering the storms their relationship could stir up.

Note: This is an erotic gay romance about a cop and and a firefighter doing very naughty things to each other. Only for readers who like their men big, buff and sinfully sexy.

~Rerelease. Originally published 2012~

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00