Original Sin

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Original Sin

Claudette Perry has a ticket out of her dismal life. All she needs is cash. Without any commodities, she decides to sell the one thing of value she has: her virginity. Selecting the man she wants to offer it to very carefully, she chooses Aaron Guthrie. She’s had a crush on him for years via what she’s read in the papers, and he’s portrayed as a good person. When she makes her offer to him in a public place, his friends and associates humiliate her. But her bravado sees her through until Aaron sends her home. She gets an offer from one of his friends, but the man gives her the creeps. Now what to do?

Aaron is shocked yet intrigued by Claudette’s proposition and bravado. Instead of taking her up on her offer, he instead offers her what she needs with no strings attached. What he didn’t count on was her pride. So he finds himself offering her a position as a curator rather than let her fall into the clutches of another. While his intentions were good, his flesh is weak and before he knows it he and Claudette are in bed and at the point of no return. What he doesn’t count on is falling madly in love.

A Cinderella story set in the future, this was fun to read. Claudi was spunky and had fire. This drew Aaron to her like a moth to a flame. Used to women of his social strata, she presented a challenge as well as having substance beyond what her bank account was. While not low in self-esteem, Claudi was hard pressed to believe she could capture and hold the attention of a man like Aaron. While some of the things he did to convince her were a little over the top, all in all this was an enjoyable romantic read.

Book Blurb for Original Sin

For Claudette Perry, this weekend tryst is supposed to be strictly business. Desperate to get out of the slum she’s trapped in, she decides to sell her virginity to the richest playboy in Tartan-V. Falling in love with him isn’t part of her plan.

For Aaron Guthrie, agreeing to buy her “goods” is his way to help her since she refuses to take his charity. But, Claudette’s innocence is too hard for him to resist; he just can’t keep his hands off her. Now, he must convince Claudette that what they’d shared is the real deal, and isn’t an ordinary tryst of surrendering to the temptation of the original sin.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Spanking.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.25