On Her Tail

Quick & Furry, #3

I was a little leery of Zane in the beginning, but he won me over fairly quickly. The story revolves around a cub stolen from the bad guy in book 2. And of course the lioness that stole said cub is mate to a member of the North American Pack. Addy shows a lot of guts doing what she did to honor her best friend. Or she's immensely stupid. I prefer to think it's the first but then she runs into traffic. But that's what brings her and Zane together.

Zane is the guy that ticked off Jennifer in book 2 so he's on his best behavior. He got kudos for stifling his natural inclination toward the cub that his mate claims as her own. And as the book progresses his stock just grows. The mate thing rears its annoying head again, inflaming libidos and such but these two have bigger fish to fry and more issues than your average couple. Addy is strong and fierce and I liked her though wondered at her common sense factor on occasion. Zane was clueless and carefree and then got saddled with a ready-made family. He impressed with his acceptance and genuine feelings. I like the continuing back-story that draws the books together and wonder what the author has in store for me next.

Book Blurb for On Her Tail

Quick & Furry: Love, Laughs, and a Bit of Rawr on the Go.

Werelioness Addy Wilson did the unthinkable—she kidnapped an alpha’s cub. Not because she wants to harm the small child but to save him from his father. Unfortunately, as she flees for her life and tries to disappear into the confusion of the city, she runs into her mate. Or rather, he hits her with his car. Zane is gorgeous, delicious, totally lickable and… an Enforcer for the North American pride. In fact, Zane works directly with the pride’s beta. Now she’s torn between running to ensure the child’s safety and staying to make a life with Zane.

The Quick & Furry series needs to be read in order

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00