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A murder has been committed in Chatham, a town where everyone knows everyone else. People pull together. And then there is Olivia, the lady bountiful of the community. Everyone who knows her loves her. She thinks she's nothing special, but the town cherishes her acts of kindness. She portrays herself as an airhead, it's what is expected. But is she really?

Olivia was an absolute hoot. Her innocence in an adult store was a scream. This is a woman with a very strict rule. Olivia will not sleep with a man who is not her husband. Olivia was just divorced for the third time, but not for the reasons one might think.

Enter Tucker. He's a self-made man with no interest in marriage. He was badly burned in his last relationship, which ended in court with him being investigated for criminal activities. He's not real fond of the female sex right now. But Olivia is a force of nature.

Olivia and Tucker meet at a party thrown by Olivia's parents. Tucker is with his date, Cheryl. At the end of the evening he drops her off at her door and goes and finds a poker game. The next morning, he's hauled into the police department for questioning.

It appears his date for the evening was murdered, and he's a suspect. Olivia is part of his alibi. Who could have murdered Cheryl? She was a just a college professor, wasn't she? Olivia is determined to find out.

This was a wholesome, romantic and charming mystery. The cast was huge, but I felt I knew every one of them. Ms. Depre writes a good book.

Book Blurb for Oblivious

Eccentric Olivia Chatham has found her life's calling. Crime buster. Tucker Monroe, the small Wisconsin town's mysterious new resident, discovers he, too, has a mission. Keeping up with her.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.75