Not Quite Terran

Rilli Space Station

It's the future and we are not alone in the universe. Rebecca is stuck in a boring job on a dangerous space station in immigration. Everyone is a potential enemy, no one trusts anyone, and she always has to watch her back. She has a few tentative allies, but her life is a repetitive cycle in which she tries to do the best she can.

When presented with Karru and a request to hide him, she doubts but does. And that leap of faith changes her life, and potentially everyone's lives, forever. Seems she is part of a missing lineage of the newest applicants into the Federation, the Palia. A steamroller of intrigue, passion and discovery ensues and I was completely delighted.

I had a little difficulty with the intricate names of characters and the names of intervals of passing time (i.e. minute, hour, day) but otherwise the story read smoothly. The world building was good, as well as descriptions of the hierarchy of life on space station Rilli. The chemistry was a slow build for me, but proved steamy eventually. Karru wasn't as well developed in the character department as Rebecca, and that was a little disappointing. There are other secondary characters I would have liked to learn more about too. All in all a very welcome read.

Book Blurb for Not Quite Terran

Rebecca’s job is to keep unsanctioned aliens off Rilli Space Station. Aliens like Karru C’Hali. He’s heavily muscled, gorgeous, seductive… and unsanctioned. And he wants her!

As an intake officer for six years, nothing surprises Terra-born Rebecca Varda anymore. Nothing. Except the arrival of Karru C’Hali, Overlord of Palia. He’s nearly seven feet of honey-skinned, heavily carved and deliciously muscled male, and his presence has her heart racing with apprehension. Not because he’s unsanctioned, but because Palia—and their people—are a myth. Maybe.

Even if they aren’t, he can take his unsanctioned alien ass off Rilli. When he doesn’t, she decides that if he wants to run afoul of the station director and end up in a federation holding cell, it’s no concern of hers. Until it is. Rebecca finds herself wrapped in Karru’s arms and embroiled in the drama surrounding Palia, Rilli, and a long lost royal family line that ends with… her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00