Night of Sin

The first to make detective sergeant in her class, Chandra is looking for her best friend who has been missing for about a month. Her search leads her to a club called Foreplay, where she encounters more than she bargained for. 
Sin-Bad and his brothers Sebastian and Max are vampires. And they like it, a lot. A different woman every night and an endless lives to indulge themselves. Sin-Bad saw Chandra a year ago and hatched a plot to make her his. What will Chandra’s reaction be when she discovers his game? 
Ruthless in his determination to make Chandra his, Sin-Bad did some bad things. And he got more than he bargained for when he meets her in the flesh. He craves a submissive, and Chandra is anything but. Can they actually be together without ripping each other apart? 
The sexual encounters were hot and steamy, but while most stories of this genre lack a definite storyline, this one had almost too many. I could have done without one or two extraneous themes running through the tale. While Dominant/submissive tales are sometimes harsh, I felt Sin was drawn a little too rough. Some of his actions and demands made me cringe with righteous indignation. Chandra initially appeared to be a strong woman, but too quickly turned into a shrew. She was somewhat manipulative and that ruined it somewhat for me. All in all, an entertaining read. But if there are sequels for Sebastian and Max, I’ll probably pass.  

Book Blurb for Night of Sin

Chandra Hunt has worked hard to become the first detective sergeant in her graduating class. When her best friend disappears, her search leads to a hedonistic adult club called Foreplay. There she encounters a tall, dark, scandalously handsome blue-eyed stranger who insists she share a raunchy dance with him.
In Chandra, centuries-old vampire Sin-Bad Stoner has finally found a woman to replace the one he’s spent hundreds of years mourning. But Chandra already has a man in her life and is likely to resist all efforts to strip her of her hard-fought independence. Undeterred, Sin-Bad devises an elaborate plan to lure her to his isolated country mansion where he and his brothers eagerly await her arrival.
Although she willingly spends a long night exploring their mutual sexual hungers, Chandra rebuffs his attempt to dominate her. In response, Sin-Bad launches a ruthless campaign of conquest designed to culminate in the eternal surrender of her heart, mind, body and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.00