Night Angel

Morgan is a survivor. Scarred and with a permanent limp courtesy of her deceased (thank God) husband, she’s moved to Montana to rebuild her life in the quiet tranquility of the mountains. Her neighbor, Nick Evanoff, a horse trainer and owner of an abused horse refuge, has lived his life quietly and in solitude. Being an ex-convict who has served his time for murder, he’s wary of other people and their change of attitude when they discover his past. 
On a late night ride in his woods, he sees Morgan sitting by a stream in the moonlight. She’s trespassing, but he doesn’t care. One look at her and he was instantly enthralled. He feels things he thought he never would; lust, need, possessiveness, and a maybe something more. 
Determined to have nothing to do with men, Morgan is resistant, if not downright terrified, of Nick’s attentions. But Nick has patience on his side, and he uses it to build Morgan’s trust in herself and him, and together they come to realize that a relationship can be more than hurtful and humiliating. It can be loving and rewarding. And the physical expression of that love, which Morgan was taught to fear and dread, becomes something she soon craves and needs, but only with Nick.  
Night Angel is ruly an exceptional read. The torment and fear that Morgan feels is made frighteningly real. The same can be said for Nick. Reeves made me feel as if I had really met the two, and I was rooting for them both. Both are viewed with mixed levels of pity and fear by the general public, who better to understand the others feelings? Nick was phenomenal in his handling of Morgan, but I didn’t feel he was treating her like one of his wounded horses. Morgan was strong, and took some major risks, and was richly rewarded for doing so. Night Angel is a book you will definitely not regret reading. Oh, and the evolving relationship, while taken slow and easy, was hot!

Book Blurb for Night Angel

Scarred and with a permanent limp, Morgan moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting tranquility, solitude, a place where she could heal from the brutality inflicted on her by her late husband.

Ex-convict, horse trainer, Nick Evanoff didn’t need anyone, at least he never had.

Then he spotted Morgan sitting in a copse of trees, technically trespassing. One glimpse of her stopped his aggression cold. In its place lust rose; powerful, primitive, demanding.

There was something else there too – need

But Morgan was determined to have nothing to do with men, and to go nowhere near a relationship ever again.

Could Nick work the same magic with Morgan that he worked with the abused horses he rescued?

Could he teach her that it was safe to trust, that sex didn’t have to be painful or humiliating?

Night Angel is a Black Velvet Seductions three fan read. It includes explicit description of the sexuality between hero and heroine, but includes no fetish content.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.50