New Orleans

Alone in the world and feeling the loss of the last of her loved ones, Lilly makes a major decision to move to wherever the fates take her to start a new life. Fate indeed seems to have taken an interest in her as she is drawn to New Orleans and from there to a bar owned and operated by four men. El Destino lives up to it’s name.

Brothers by choice if not blood, the four men of El Destino knew the one woman for them was coming. Once she arrives they make it their mission to ensure she is happy, fulfilled, and wants to stay forever. Three out of four of the men are easy going and instantly put Lilly at ease. The fourth not so much. He has an aura about him that while is disturbing also draws her with a vengeance. Can a relationship with these parameters ever work?

A fantasy to be sure, suspend your beliefs at the door. A fun and sexy romp involving one woman and four men leaves me contemplating the volume of laundry, but these men seem self-sufficient. The fantasy is they are all focused on her and her alone. The fourth is the most intense of all, and while she falls into bed with the other three, he’s the one that seals the deal. Not as sexually saturated as you might think, this was still a mystical and magical read that will leave you with a feeling of envy.

Book Blurb for New Orleans

Who makes life-altering decisions based on a fortune cookie?

Sans her family and sans a job, Lilly Marie is completely alone in the world. With only a broken heart in tow, she has nothing to lose by packing it up and starting over in the sultry Big Easy. And after all she’s been through the past year, encountering an eccentric woman in Jackson Square and actually following her instructions to “step onto Bourbon Street and into her future” doesn’t seem so weird. Who is she to question “destiny” when she’d uprooted herself because of a tiny piece of paper tucked inside a cookie?

What Lilly doesn’t expect is for a hero to save her from a rampant bicyclist and whisk her away to a place called El Destino to meet his family— “family” being four of the handsomest men Lilly has ever seen. Whether it is fate or coincidence, the sizzling and sexy men of El Destino take her into their capable hands to prove that there is no such thing as happenstance, and that undeniable passion and true love can cure any ailment, including a broken heart.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.50