Naughty Little Christmas

Secrets to Hide

Keeping secrets never ends well, and Harley finds that out the hard way. She goes into her quest to determine if Damien is a suitable father for her niece/daughter and finds out he's suitable for her, too. Now what?

Damien doesn’t sleep with employees, so why is he hiring Harley when all he wants to do is sleep with her? That’s the big question and he’s not sure he can say no. Damien is like a man possessed (no pun intended) from the minute he meets Harley and it’s a roller coaster of confusion and lust from then on. Damien experiences emotions he never thought he could, or would, and doesn’t know how to process how Harley makes him feel. And then her mission is ousted and he has to deal with the emotions of betrayal.

Harley has the right idea but the execution went horribly awry. She falls for Damien in a big way and the weight of her secret starts to get too heavy. There’s not a good way to tell him once they have become intimate and it’s all going to explode. And boy does it.

This was a well-written read that flowed nicely. It incorporated Damien’s vast family and all that entails with his romantic life, which is a side of him his family has a hard time recognizing. This was a really sticky subject but I thought the story engaging and entertaining as well as realistic. The evolution of Damien from playboy to family man was a good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for Naughty Little Christmas

Harley Fisher's life changed forever when her twin sister gave birth to a baby one month before she died. This Christmas, Harley wants her adopted daughter to have the very best gift possible: her real father. Determined to discover if Damien Adams is worthy of being a part of the baby's life, Harley forces her way into a job as the manager-in-training for his new nightclub, Thrice. Damien is blunt, challenging, and sexy as all get-out. Desiring him is wrong, but when he touches her, it's oh so right.

Damien needs a manager for Thrice so he can return to overseeing all three of his clubs. Harley's too young, too hip, too damn tempting--and perfect for the job. Wanting her violates every rule he's laid out for his life, but even the strongest convictions can falter under the mistletoe.

Harley's keeping one hell of a secret. When Damien finds out, will Harley and his daughter be the best Christmas gift he's ever received, or will her secrets leave them with nothing more lasting than a naughty little Christmas this year?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00