Nature of the Beasts

Spark of Magic

Book 5 in the Spark of Magic Series. Can you read this without reading the four previous books? I suppose but it would be hard to follow, and why deny yourself? We’ve met Dmitry and Dastan before, as well as Sarah. They have known one another for years and suddenly are drawn together. Why? Magic and secrets and spells, that’s why! Dmitry and Dastan are BFF with no romantic interest in one another, but are like flip sides of a coin. There is no surprise when they share a mate, except to their mate. Without revealing a plot point not all is as it seems in Sarah’s world, and as she spends time with the shifters it becomes clear.

I loved the way Dmitry and Dastan bounced off one another personality wise. Opposites yet united they accept what is going on with Sarah and pursue as is their nature. Add in the murders happening on their land and the suspicious sheriff and this is a very entertaining read. While our three main characters have a HEA we are left with unanswered questions concerning the sheriff and his magical savior; that screams another book in the series to me. While at times dark and violent, there are also episodes of sultry flirtation and helpless surrender. Not sex on every page, this is also an intriguing mystery that pulls it all together into a comprehensive ending that satisfies.

Book Blurb for Nature of the Beasts

Shapeshifters Dmitry and Dastan decided to leave the protected dimension and their posts as Council Guardians to experience a more normal life in the mortal world. A witch, Sarah was sent along to keep an eye on the shifters as they adapt to human life as ranchers in Montana.

Sarah, who'd known the shifters all her life, suddenly found herself attracted to them. Well, maybe not suddenly, but being around them every day certainly wasn't helping matters. The physical pull only got harder to ignore. When she couldn’t resist it any longer, the outcome shocked them all. Especially Sarah.

All three have come to love the ranch and their new life, but when bodies start appearing on the land, the sheriff, who already doesn't trust the shifters, begins to look a little too closely at their tight-knit unit. If they can't straighten things out, their time in the mortal world, and their newfound happiness, will come to a quick and painful end...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00