Boy did Vicki step into the wrong bar. Instantly singled out by Eric and his packmates, her life is about to change whether she wants it to or not. Is it bad luck or destiny? Living in a small segregated community in Kansas, Vicki is used to the unusual. But what she experiences quickly surprises even her.

Separated from her business partner and cousin, Vicki finds herself in the middle of Ravager territory and being marked by their Prime. That can’t be good. Using ever opportunity to escape and inflict a little damage as she does only makes her more attractive to Eric and his packmates. And it also proves her ability to survive in the Ravager pack. How will she get out of this? And does she really want to?

While I struggled a few times to keep up with the fast-paced story, I never lost my way. There were several story lines playing at the same time as well as a hint at a sequel. The marking of Vicki was smoking hot, and every encounter after just turned up the heat. The culmination at the end of the story was worth the wait and I will look forward to the continuation of the story with other main characters.

Book Blurb for Namesake

In the year 2078, Cross Step, Kansas, is now home to strange portals called Voids. Norms (normal people), Voiders (those who came through the Voids) and Conduits (humans affected by the Voids) all live together, segregated from the rest of the world.

Vicki is a Conduit, a human with the psychic ability to tap into the energy around her. A mistake at a bar puts her under the scrutiny of one very hungry Ravager pack, werewolf-like Voiders who like what they see.

Eric isn’t just any Ravager, he’s Prime, the king of his clan. He takes what he wants, when he wants it—and he wants Vicki. It’ll take more than her sneaking, conniving and seductive ways to dissuade his interest. Because in Vicki, Eric and his packmates have something much more precious than a rare queen…they have a woman to love forever.

Reader Advisory: This book features totally hot scenes of foursomes and fivesomes, during which Vicki experiences oodles of orgasms courtesy of her red-hot Ravager lovers.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00