My Lady's Pleasure

Three Kinds of Wicked Series ~ Book 11

Stricken by her beauty as she looked down on him from the castle wall, Ulric was wounded. Her castle and lands were what he started the siege to acquire, but she is what he truly desires now. A woman destined for the church, Devon is not interested in pleasures of the flesh. This creates a quandary which Ulric is clueless to solve. And so comes Trey the minstrel to save the day.

Trey strikes a bargain with Ulric to help him win his lady. Aphrodisiacs and potions are involved, and Ulric is skeptical, but what if it was to work? He’d have all he ever dreamed of. And so he says yes to a bargain that pits him against Trey to win his lady’s pleasure for a lifetime after one night of passion.

What a delightfully unconventional story! I loved the conviction that Ulric displayed in his pursuit of Devon. Trey’s potions and methods of seducing Devon seemed a little unfair, especially to Devon, but soon broke the barriers of a lifetime to allow Devon to feel as a woman should. Unbeknownst to me this is part of a series from Red Sage, but the story stands on its own until the end, when we are giving a glimpse into Trey’s motivations and plans for his future. Don’t feel you need to read the books prior to get the full enjoyment of this book, as you don’t. But you might want to J .

Book Blurb for My Lady's Pleasure

Length: 94pages


The castle and its lands were Ulric’s goal when he started the siege. Now that he’s seen the Lady Devon, his mind and his body demand he take her as his wife. He only needs to find some way to control his passions so that he doesn’t scare her on their wedding night. 

A mysterious minstrel named Trey seems to have the solution with his aphrodisiac potions and salves. In return for his aid, Trey demands the opportunity to win the lady’s affection. The two men do battle to give Devon maximum pleasure. Will she choose the clever poet or the savage Viking who’s come to love her?

To My Reader: What woman doesn’t want a huge warrior with unquenchable passions and the right equipment to put them into action? I created Ulric to fill my own fantasies. I hope they energize yours, too.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50