My Captive Lover

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My Captive Lover

This was a short read, but a lot was packed in it! I thought the story very well written, the premise fraught with possibilities, and the emotional aspects compelling. The end was a complete surprise, and made me laugh. Why do only good people have happily ever after?

I really didn't like Savion in the beginning (one can't begin to describe him as a hero) and thought Lydie was a good rendition of a woman who didn't let one man's treatment beat her down. She used it as a way to be stronger. This was a slightly different take on romance and revenge.

Book Blurb for My Captive Lover

Lydia has lied, cheated and plotted for years to get revenge on the man who seduced her to move up in her father's company. It's time for a little payback. On a dark night, on a yacht, Savion Bellamont lays strapped to a bed waiting for his punishment. And Lydia's just been handed her bag of tricks from the hired kidnapper. What Lydia doesn't know is that Savion is not without his own connections.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25