Mississippi Twilight

Madeline Chase is tired. It seems she’s lost more than she’s had in her life. Her mother dead. Her lover of eight years ago gone, but never forgotten. Her one constant has been her love of history. When she receives an invitation to ride Mississippi Twilight, a restored Victorian riverboat for fun, sun and relaxation, she’s ready to go. She’s going to reinvent her love of adventure, and the only missing component is former lover Reinaldo Sieranos. 
Reinaldo is going to try to recover the love that got away. Arranging a two-day trip he knows Madeline won’t be able to resist, Reinaldo casts his net to catch Madeline, and this time he’s not letting her go. 
If the romance factor doesn’t snag you, the blazing chemistry will. With his determination, attention to detail, and overall hotness, Reinaldo may be the most perfect man on the planet. Madeline knows she made the right decision years ago to break it off with Reinaldo, but she regrets it just the same. BDSM adds a little spice to the reunion, but will they be able to recapture what they had years ago, or will they find something even better? A quick, hot read.

Book Blurb for Mississippi Twilight

Madeline accepts an invitation to ride the Mississippi Twilight, a Victorian riverboat that promises plenty of sun, scenery and relaxation. The only thing missing is the hunk she fell madly in love with and has never forgotten.
Reinaldo is prepared to go all out to reclaim a love that got away. Hell-bent on proving that he is the only man for Madeline, he secretly arranges a trip where he plans a memorable night of seduction. With Maddy as his guest, he figures his plan can’t backfire. Operation Paddlewheel is a go.
As the sun sets over the Mississippi River, Madeline quickly realizes that time hasn’t changed how hot she is for Reinaldo or the way her body responds to his masterful touch. But they have an uphill battle ahead if they’re going to get beyond their past mistakes.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.25