Miss January

Calendar Girls

Totally clueless and somewhat disgusted about what makes a man throw away his single status, Cash vows to change girls on a monthly basis. It will just be more efficient that way. A phone call made to a wrong number has him intrigued with the woman who answers the phone. Not thinking why it is important he meet her, he sets a plan in motion to do so. And suddenly his views start to spin out of control about there being a special someone meant just for him. How will he react to this revelation?
Mindy is not a shades of gray type of girl. Mess with her once, and you are so done. She was treated poorly by a man 11 years ago, and hasn’t dipped her toes seriously into the relationship waters since. When she answers a wrong number phone call, the sexy voice on the other end intrigues her. But how do you go about meeting a wrong number?
I absolutely adored this short story. Madison Hayes hasn’t written a bad book to my knowledge, and this is another shining example of her ability. The storyline is fresh and unique, the characters totally likeable, and the romance hot and steamy. Nothing better than two mature, responsible adults getting hit with the stupid stick and having a front-row seat for the show. Don’t miss this great read.

Book Blurb for Miss January

“I’m afraid you might have spoiled me for other men.”

“Good,” he rumbled darkly. “And now, I’m going to absolutely fucking ruin you.”
Mindy Walters is a pessimist where men and love are concerned. With a sexual history like hers, who can blame her? She avoids the opposite sex whenever possible—not too difficult a task since her height intimidates most men.
When Cash McLaren tricks Mindy into taking him home, he’s putting his New Year’s resolution into effect. Tired of trying to find a woman who can hold his interest, the tall, ruggedly handsome urban cowboy plans to get himself a new woman for every month of the year. Mindy will be his Miss January and nothing more. But after the two lovers share a scorching sexual encounter in a phone booth, Cash’s resolution goes right out the window. The next thing he knows, he’s asking Mindy to marry him. Because Cash no longer thinks of Mindy as Miss January, and nothing more. Nope. Now he’s thinking of Mindy as Miss January…forevermore.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50