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The date is 2525 and society has reinvented itself after the Great War. Kings and courts rule the land, and King Clovis has a harem. While the King and court live in opulence the world outside the walls of the palace suffer.

Gabriella has been chosen to be one of the Kings "Select Few." She must undergo training, and her teacher, Michel, is a lifelong friend. Is she strong enough to do what she must now that her feelings for Michel have changed to desire and love?

Michel holds an enviable position. He is to train the "Select Few" to pleasure his King. Gabriella is his next assignment. He has powerful feelings for Gabriella, and does not relish her future "career." What can be done?

This story grabbed me from the start. A world that appears beautiful is really ugly and twisted, a direct reflection of its ruler. It was a very emotional story, as well as hot. Two people caught up in a situation that they can't control. Or can they? A definite must read.

Book Blurb for Mine

In a decadent empire of the far distant future, Gabriella is chosen to serve as a sexual companion for the king. However, Brie has no intentions of joining the Select Few. In fact, she has another mission, entirely...one that is destined to alter the future of the kingdom's poverty-stricken population.

Michel also serves the king. It's his job to train Brie to suit the king's sexual preferences. Trouble is, Michel wants Brie for his own.

Publisher's note: Although this book is set in the distant future, the setting and tone are more "historical" in nature. Mine is a re-release, previously published by Loose Id, LLC.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50