Mine Until Morning

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Mine Until Morning

Courtesan Trilogy, #3

Three stories from the Courtesans Series. These are not prostitutes. They sell sex, but the difference is the attitude. Some are in it for the money, others the thrill. What they all have in common is a history that brings them to Courtesans. We get a peek inside three lives and what brought them, and sometimes keeps them, involved with Courtesans.

Mac watched his brother Kern die alongside his sister-in-law Dani. They forged a bond during that trying time, and his dying brother made Mac promise to look after Dani. While he envisioned the usual, what his brother planned was anything but. Dani and Kern played and worked at Courtesans, and Kern knew his widow would need to continue on. As Mac struggles to reconcile what he believed with what he now knows, Dani has to realize it’s possible to love more than once, and to forgive herself for having that man be her dead husband's brother. This was a very intricate story that had a lot of emotional baggage and the emergence of a side of Mac’s sexuality he never really realized he had.

The second story involves Cleo, a single mother and Walker, a former stockbroker turned Courtesan to save his own life from stress and burnout. Cleo is a very tightly wound woman who has tied off her own sexuality to the point that it is almost dead. The only man to pique her interest is Walker, but he’s with a bevy of beauties every time she turns around. They are acquaintances as he frequents the restaurant where she works, but that all changes one night when Walker is stood up. When asked to accompany him, Cleo decides to go for it for just that one night. But one night turns into more and more. Eventually, Walker is going to have to lie or tell Cleo everything about his life. Which will he choose and how will Cleo react?

The final story reveals the past of the mysterious Isabel, Madam of Courtesans. When the man of her teenage dreams reappears in her life, they quickly become the lovers they were meant to be 30 years ago. But there is a reason that Isabel left the small town she and Royce grew up in. Can Royce handle the truth about why she left? Can he accept and embrace the woman she has become and is happy being?

All three stories were great, but my favorite was Isabel’s. An illustration of how you can never really escape your past. She and Royce made middle-age something to look forward to. Very prolific and adventurous in the sex department.

My second favorite was Dani and Mac. Very emotional and dark at times, it was also heartening that there is life after the death of a loved one. A little kinkier than the other two stories, it was also about honesty about what a person needs and not being ashamed to go for it.

Cleo and Walker’s story was a great read, but didn’t capture me like the other two. Cleo and Walker keep their relationship a secret to protect Cleo's daughter from being hurt when it ends (the reason unbeknownst to Walker).  As a result their sexual encounters were in unusual places which added the spice of subterfuge. A good sexy read for a cozy night by the fire.

Book Blurb for Mine Until Morning

The author of Hers for the Evening reveals in three scintillating novellas that every courtesan has a price...

In "The Only Way Out," Mac Dawson is determined to look after his widowed sister-in-law...who leads a secret life as a courtesan. With help from Madam Isabel, he'll make sure her secret is safe. But can he make sure he's the only man to share her bed?

Cleo thought her luck with men had finally changed, but when she discovers that Walker Randall is a paid courtesan, she feels doomed to always meet "The Wrong Kind of Man." Will Walker change his lifestyle...or simply teach Cleo how right a courtesan can be?

Isabel, Madam of Courtesans, never thought she'd see Royce again. The love of her life, he now wants to be with her, hot and happily ever after. Can he handle knowing that Isabel is also a courtesan herself-or are there really "No Second Chances?"

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00