Mine to Chase

I thought Jasmine handled the bombs dropped on her regularly throughout the book admirably. Her love of paranormal fiction is cited as part of her aplomb. As she struggles with her new life (or unlife as it were) she also struggles with her feelings. Who wouldn’t? Chase was sexy and strong if a little rusty in the interpersonal skills department. His life has worn down his soft edges and he’s all sharp angles. Jasmine changes that in a hurry. Now that events have thrown Jasmine in his path again, he can have her. He just has to convince her.

Jasmine was a fighter but her situation was hopeless. On the verge of death she sees Chase, a man she helped buy property and subsequently fell for. Unfortunately he didn’t reciprocate and she was left admiring from afar. Little did she know he felt the same and he kept his distance to protect her due to the fact that he is a vampire/werewolf hybrid and being near him is dangerous. He fits in no where and both sides of his heritage alternately fear him and envy him. When Chase finds Jasmine in the den of the rogue vamp he’s hunting the laws dictate he end her, but he can’t. Instead he saves her from the brink of death and begins a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Book Blurb for Mine to Chase

This book is loosely related to Scarred and Kilt in the anthology Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Jasmine met the guy of her dreams and lost him. She’s spent a year filled with lustful fantasies and soul-deep yearning for a man who didn’t want her. Now she is locked away in a dark hole, kidnapped by a madman, her life almost over. She’ll never know what could have been, if only he’d felt the same.

She was supposed to be his but Chase walked away. To protect her from his world. He’s a mixed-breed—vampire and werewolf—and his list of enemies is endless. His mission is to hunt down and kill a rogue vampire who’s preying on humans, but what he finds changes everything. She’s one of the victims. Instinct demands he protect her, possess her. He won’t be denied again. Everything Jasmine thinks she knew is about to change. This time he’s keeping her.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50