Mercy Bound

Guilty Pleasure Alert! There was no sudden leap into bed for these two. If anything, the mishap that triggered his mating heat is the only thing that got them together. Honor kept Dray from pursuing Mercy, and Dray kept Mercy from pursuing him. Thank goodness for a brother who knows love when he sees it and is willing to give a helping hand.

When Dray and Mercy are finally unable to deny their feelings, it is epic. Working together for years with Mercy's father, Dray and his brother Conrad have been a part of Mercy's life since she was twelve, and even then she knew Dray was the one for her. I found it very romantic that Dray felt the same but held back out of respect. But that got old quick and while this was a fast read it packed quite an emotional punch for me. Very steamy and rough around the edges, the long-awaited mating is a must read. I hope to someday read Conrad's story.

Book Blurb for Mercy Bound

Despite wanting her forever, Dray has vowed to protect Mercy, even from himself.

Then his mating heat is triggered, leaving only two choices—mate or die.

And luscious Mercy is suitably equipped—and determined—to save him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50