Fueled By Lust, #6

I so need an alien in my life. Charming and kind Maxim gets knocked off his feet by Skylar and then proceeds to sweep her off hers. And me off mine. Maxim has been a regular in the series and I'm so glad he got his turn. He's had his moments as a devilish prankster but he has never been mean and he deserves his chance at forever with the woman meant for him. He talks big to reassure Skylar and he is able to back that up which is such a turn on.

Skylar is a unique women who has been mistreated by her remaining family and has a problem with trust, and with good reason. She's not your average hysterical woman when things get dicey and in fact holds it together brilliantly while managing to look on the bright side. I liked her immensely and appreciated her attitude throughout the book.

I found the beginning of the book a little hard to follow as the author was laying groundwork and it was intricate. But the more I read, the clearer things became and after my initial confusion all was good. There is a lot of violence at times, but as pointed out in the book, the bad guys brought it on themselves. The back story present in the whole series moved along and some major questions were answered, as well as some historic moments clarified. While Maxim and Skylar get their happy ending, it is obvious that more books are coming. I recommend the entire series.

Book Blurb for Maxim

A simple turn of your head can change your life forever. That's what Maxim Telarius will soon realize when he spots a female cracking up passengers at an airport counter. What he didn't expect was to find his potential mate when the counter comedian inevitably trips over a suitcase and practically lands in his lap. One innocent touch and he's fighting through a powerful mating surge and begging her not to leave. One blink and she could be lost to him forever. Skylar Grey is fleeing for her life with a mysterious object stuffed in her purse and no idea where's she heading. When she spots a gorgeous hunk she just dreamed about, what's a girl to do? Watching the guy twist on the floor in agony wasn't what she envisioned. Should she run, or stay to help someone that seems extremely important to her survival? Book 6 in the Fueled By Lust Series doesn't disappoint on the erotic, set your hair on fire expectations of the Insedi male.

Stands Alone: NO

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00