Elite Ops

Nobody does a tortured hero as well as Lora Leigh does. Full of angst and self-recrimination, Micah Sloane is on a mission to avenge those he’s loved and lost. He’s after an assassin, and will stop at nothing, even using an innocent victim, to achieve his goal. What he doesn’t count on is that innocent, Risa Clay, reawakening a part of him he thought forever dead and buried. A part of him he didn’t think he needed, and certainly didn’t want; his heart. 

A victim of poor self-esteem, abuse at her father’s hand, and rape. It’s a wonder Risa Clay can still function, let alone live the life she manages to live. And she’s emerging from her self-induced shell of misery to reach for more. What she catches is more than she imagined, but is it more than she can handle?

I couldn’t put this book down, and that’s a fact. The story sucked me in by the third page, and then I was off on a journey that covered the entire spectrum of the human condition. By far, in my opinion, this is one of Lora Leigh’s best works ever. Micah is perceived as cold, but once he meets Risa, who he’s secretly been attracted to for years, he’s running hot. And lucky readers get to go along for the ride. There is nothing sexier than a strong alpha male whose biggest concern is his lover’s well being. And Micah will stop at nothing to protect Risa. 

Risa was a different heroine than I’m used to from Ms. Leigh’s “special ops” books. Usually they are portrayed as strong from the start, but we got to watch Risa bloom from a quietly strong woman into a formidable one. And it was heartbreaking to do. 

Full of wrenching emotion and self-flagellation by the hero, the new series of Elite Ops promises to be even better than the Sexy Seals at this rate.

Book Blurb for Maverick

Micah Sloane knows almost everything there is to know about Risa Clay, including the vicious betrayal she endured years ago and the distrust she’s harbored ever since. The only way for the Elite Ops agent to uncover an assassin—and banish the ghosts of his own dark past—is to use Risa as bait. But nothing has prepared him for her disarming blend of innocence and sensuality, or for his overwhelming need to protect her…

Risa has spent six years rebuilding her life. And now, to save it, she must pose as Micah’s lover and draw a killer into the open. It’s a risky plan—especially with a man as powerfully seductive as Micah. But, as their charade becomes reality, Risa realizes the greatest danger may lie in losing her heart forever…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00