Maui Rekindled

Life comes full circle for Maggie. Fifteen years ago she thought she met "the one" and the last thing he said was "I’ll call you." He never did so she moved on. Now, divorced and determined to recover from the mess her life has turned into, who does she see coming out of the surf but Gabe, the one who never called. This should be interesting.

Gabe thinks of Maggie often. If he hadn’t had his luggage stolen, with her number in it, they might have had a life together. After years of looking for her via the net and searches, he can’t believe his luck when she’s sitting on the beach right in front of him. This time, he’s not going to lose her.

One small incident changed two lives forever. It seems like destiny that they reconnect where they met all those years ago. Once the misunderstanding of Gabe not calling is cleared up, Maggie tentatively engages in what she considers a holiday fling. But when things get too intense, she makes a run for it. But this time, Gabe knows how to find her, and even though she’s afraid of losing herself in another man, she’ll find that Gabe was the right one all along.

The story line was cute and original. How many times have we heard that line? While I was able to connect with Maggie, I just wasn’t feeling Gabe. Another reader might, but I didn’t. I also was a little disappointed in the emotional intensity of the read. After 15 years, I expected more urgency than I got from Gabe. A good read if you are looking for an escape into a tropical paradise.

Book Blurb for Maui Rekindled

Length: Novella
“I’ll call you.” That’s the last thing Gabe said fifteen years ago as Maggie prepared to fly home from a summer in paradise. When he didn’t call, she packed away the memories of their sexual romp and relegated him to vacation-fling status.
Now, as the ink on her divorce papers dries, Maggie returns to that Maui resort hoping to find the carefree woman she once was. When Gabe walks out of the waves on her first afternoon at the beach, she isn’t sure whether to laugh or run away. Hot, crazy vacation sex with no strings attached would be the perfect remedy for her bloody divorce.
Gabe thinks of Maggie as the one who got away, and he’s not about to let it happen again. The passion between them is as fiery as ever, but is it hot enough to rekindle the romance he knows they could share? He’s got one week to prove to her it is.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25