This book is the sequel to Runaways.

Roul is concerned for his twin Ran, who just mated with an unknown-to-him female vampire. Why the concern? Ran has been with Griff, a male vampire, for years. Hiring the Watcher Agency, Roul sets in motion things that will change his life forever. Morgan Kale, owner of the Watcher Agency, is a lone white wolf and she sets him on fire. Why was he in New York again?

Morgan has been an outcast all her life and when she meets Roul she knows he’s her mate. She goes for the no-strings weekend, but keeps what they are to one another to herself to protect her soft inner core. While she presents a hard exterior to the world, she knows loving Roul and then having him turn from her would kill her. When push came to shove, and his pack rejected her, which would he choose? His pack of course, so she keeps quiet. But how can she claim to know how a man she’s only just met will react to such a dilemma? She doesn’t.

Loved the alpha posturing by both Morgan and Roul. As usual, the clueless man has no idea why he’s feeling as he never has. Duh! Other than the sheer stupidity that is inherent in all men (do I lie?) this was a sexy read full of edgy hard sex as only two wolves can do. A very intense quick read that tied up nicely with a bow both Morgan and Roul as well as Ran, Griffin and Dante from the first book in the series.

Book Blurb for Mating

As Alpha, Roul Verlaine always looked out for his twin. When Ranulf flees to New York City with his new mates, Roul hires the Watcher Agency to check on him. All thoughts of his brother vanish when Roul meets the sexy owner of Watchers. Morgan Kale is a rare white werewolf, a lone wolf who sets Roul’s senses on fire. His wolf instantly wants her and Roul can’t resist her. She bests him at chess and martial arts and is the fiercest, most perfect lover he’s ever known. And he doesn’t want to leave her.

Morgan knows instantly she and Roul are mates even if he hasn’t figured it out yet. His seduction overrides her common sense and yearning heart. The sex is mind-blowing and they even get along outside the bedroom. But Roul is in town for only three days, and Morgan must decide whether to tell him they are mates…or let him walk out of her life forever.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published but has been significantly revised and expanded from the original.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50