Mating Ritual

Somebody drank the Kool-Aid. Kella is from a tribe that abuses its women, uses them as receptacles for lust with no regard of their feelings. After being captured by the Stonemen, the first time Jaggar performed the “mating ritual” and she liked it should have been the turning point. But Kella was stubborn and held on to what she was taught. Stubborn, but it showed Jaggar what a good choice he made as it illustrated her ability to be loyal. He just had to win her over, and sex seemed the way to do it.

Jaggar is a leader and an honorable man. He snaps a few times, but seriously, Kella pushed him mighty far. Again and again he illustrates his feelings and intent but she chooses to believe the lies her kinsmen told her. As she lives with him she begins to see that her way of life is wrong but there is always her fellow tribe member Marte, mated to Jaggar’s friend Crete, to remind her it is her duty to escape. But then Jaggar “convinces” her again and again and again how good it can be. And again. Jaggar has a lot of stamina!

It’s interesting how this is set in the future yet the human race has regressed to such primitive practices. As we ascend with technology and conveniences it makes me wonder if this is what the future could truly hold if it all disappears.

Book Blurb for Mating Ritual

It was a new world. A new way of life after the land known as North America ceased to exist.

Kella is on the run after the Stonemen warriors surprise the women of the Magya tribe as they prepare to be The Chosen Ones.

Jaggar, an elevated soldier of the tribe, has decided the white-haired woman will be his mate, and nothing will deter him. Nothing and nobody—not even Kella herself.

Spirited Kella fights him, knowing captive women are never returned to their homeland. But Jaggar will tear down her defenses with a loving hand, helping Kella to discover the mating ritual, one where both male and female give freely of themselves when sharing sex with the perfect mate.

Inside Scoop: In this world, men take what they want, and Jaggar really wants Kella. Their mating dance is a fight until Kella finally gives in to Jaggar’s lusty onslaught.

A Romantica® fantasy erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50