Natalie has had it with her life. Her job is a dead-end. Her existence is just that. She has no purpose, no passion. She should take a risk and live for a change. When she wakes and finds herself on a spaceship surrounded by three men who want her, she convinces herself it’s a lucid dream. But she’s never dreamt this good! Could it be for real? And does she have the courage to embrace it?

Andros, Leikos and Zafron have traveled to Earth in search of their mate. Natalie is all they could have hoped for and more. They have to convince her to willingly be theirs, but they only have a few days to do it. Danger is following their people and planet, and they need to return with their mate. Can they seduce and convince Natalie to perform the ritual that will make them stronger?

Natalie describes the men in mouth-watering detail that leaves the reader drooling. I’d want to go along too, no matter how frightening the reality. While they have a purpose they don’t make her feel like an object, as though any woman would do. She’s the one. That’s a big turn on for her (and most women I’m sure). The seduction of Natalie is frequent and explosive, and the ritual that releases her men is smoking hot. With a little danger thrown in to keep the momentum, this was a fast moving read that left the reader envious.

Book Blurb for Mated

When Natalie awakens on a spaceship manned by three gorgeous and adoring hunks, she’s convinced she’s dreaming. It’s up to Andros, Leikos and Zafron to prove to her she’s not. And that she’s the perfect mate for all three of them.

Spygian alpha males travel far and wide in search of their perfect partner. And then share their mate in the most delicious, pleasurable ways they can imagine. But for Natalie, loving these red-hot aliens means leaving Earth. Is she willing to take a chance on a love that’s out of this world? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00