Mated to the Alien King

Dar and Kenna are in love and things are looking good, if you can overlook the ominous disappearance of 10,000 people. As ruler, Dar should stay put but he’s not listening to his advisors and that turns out to be a big mistake. When Kenna is faced with a Dar with no memory, the hurt is to the bone after all she did so they could be together.

As Kenna schools Dar on being Dar, she gets glimpses of the man she fell in love with and hopes, only to have the hope destroyed over and over again. This obviously puts a lot of stress on all involved as they try and figure out what is happening to the population as they up and disappear into thin air.

This book had a bigger sense of urgency and hinted at a romance between other characters. The entity they encounter is frightening and intriguing at the same time. The physical manifestations of Dar and Kenna’s relationship added even more confusion as they grew farther apart with Dar’s memory loss. I look forward to more of an explanation of what is going on with the vast disappearances and Dar and Kenna’s love for one another.

Book Blurb for Mated to the Alien King

I thought my life had changed for the better once I met Dar. An alien king falling in love with me was a dream come true!

That was before the enemy started coming through the wormhole. Faster, stronger, more powerful than any race we had ever encountered before, the first thing they did was take away Dar's memory.

Now he doesn't remember who he is, let alone what we've been through together. His mother, formerly my worst enemy, has turned into my biggest ally as I try to restore his mind before the enemy enslaves our galaxy...

Mated to the Alien King: The Complete Series is a collection of the five part serial MATED TO THE ALIEN KING. This book is a complete, standalone novel.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00