Mastering the Marquess

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Mastering the Marquess

Regency-set historical Romance

If you love a story that paints a vivid picture you can see in your mind, you are in for a treat. Smooth flowing writing makes for a slow but steady build up of love and passion that won’t be denied. Convinced something is afoot when her long absent Uncle, guardian of her younger half-sister Annabel, takes a sudden interest in her health and all but threatens to have her committed, Meredith goes in search of Annabel’s family on her mother’s side for help and protection. 
What she finds is an angry grandfather, an understanding grandmother, and an arrogant Marquess who consumes too much of her attention. 
After multiple attempts on her and Annabel’s well-being, the Marquess of Silverton comes to the conclusion that he is willing to risk anything and everything to make Meredith his. Disillusioned by a dalliance in his youth where the object of his affection left him, Silverton has a hard time coming to terms with his feelings, but when he does it is Meredith who is resistant; she feels she’s not “worthy” and Silverton goes about convincing her in every way he can that she is. 
While the romance progresses slowly in the beginning, it picks up quickly half way through. Silverton and Meredith are a perfect match, and their passion for one another is a hot read. While I thought I had the plot worked out, I was pleasantly surprised that it was more twisted than I thought. With the secondary storyline of Annabel and Robert, this was a book I was forced to read quickly since I couldn’t put it down. Definitely a must read for those fond of period romances. 

Book Blurb for Mastering the Marquess

Meredith Burnley will do anything to save her half-sister Annabel's life.  When Annabel's guardian threatens to lock her up in a lunatic asylum, Meredith vows to find a husband to protect her, and the sophisticated and arrogant Marquess of Silverton seems like the perfect man to keep her safe.  Although Silverton agrees to court Annabel, he is stunned by his fierce attraction to the country-bred Meredith.

Meredith knows she must never succumb to Silverton's powerful masculinity, but her willpower is no match for his relentless and skillful seduction.  But her surrender to love throws Meredith and her sister into danger, and only Silverton can rescue them.  The arrogant marquess must be willing to risk everything, or lose Meredith and his last chance for love.

Deeply emotional and highly sensual, Mastering the Marquess combines the elegance of the regency novel with the dark romanticism of the gothic.


Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00