Master Delacroix

Crime and Punishment, #2

Master Nathan Delacroix was introduced in the first book and he piqued my interest then. This one is all him, and the added thrill of his brother; identical twin Daniel. This story can be read alone, but I enjoyed my introduction in the first book as well as that book itself, so don't cheat yourself.

Nathan is unique in many ways, and his talents are utilized by the FBI even though he is no longer in their employ. These talents have been both a curse and a blessing - saving lives and ruining them. As a result Nathan is off-limits emotionally and will take just the sex (thank you) when it comes to being with a woman. That is until Connelly. She pushes all his buttons and while he fights the attraction, he realizes he's fighting a losing battle.

Connelly too has been damaged by life and thrown around a bit by bad luck and circumstances. She's in a good place now, if a little lonely. Well, that's about to change and the old saying "be careful what you wish for" certainly applies. It was just supposed to be research but the feelings Nathan and the BDSM lifestyle raise in her have a profound affect on Connelly. With all the dangers inherent in a relationship, can she deal with the added dimension Nathan's gift adds?

I see many more potential stories in this series and look forward to them. As always, the author delivers a steamy read that can be a little dark and deep at times. I always enjoy her imagination and subsequent story telling when I start a new tale of hers.

Book Blurb for Master Delacroix

Nathan Delacroix never expected his favorite thriller author to be a woman, and a very pretty one at that. So when she comes to him for advice on BDSM, he can’t resist offering her the use of his club, as well as his skills as a Master.

Connelly is shocked at just how much she enjoys being dominated, spanked and jeez, even shared. She needs to be careful because Nathan is way out of her league. Plus he’s a target.

When a man from Nathan’s past puts her in the middle of a vendetta against him, Connelly will experience not only submission, but also what it feels like to be hunted prey. Nathan may be amazing in bed, but Connelly has no desire to love a man whose life is always in danger. She’ll soon learn that a determined Master is more ruthless than a killer seeking revenge.

Note: The first book in the Crime & Punishment series is published elsewhere. Book 2 stands alone.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00