Marriage Proposal

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Marriage Proposal

Book Three in the Marriage series...

This is the third book in the Marriage Series. 
Now that her friends, who didn’t want to be married in the first place, are wed to the loves of their lives, Marie Cunningham, who wants to marry very much, hopes to finally find her prince on a white steed. Of the friends, Marie has always been open to marriage. But that might be because she is a vicar’s daughter and not “expected” to wed to further her family’s holdings or fortune. Marie has an almost childlike view of life, and an innocence that causes a few problems, if not laughs, along the way. 
Set in the time of demure ladies, Marriage Proposal was refreshing different in that the woman was the pursuer and the man was the unsuspecting prey. Marie has set her sights on Simon, Lord Marby, the man who adopted her favorite child in the nearby orphanage. She and Peter, the child in question, cook up a plot and Simon is just along for the ride, although he doesn’t know it. Or what hit him, for that matter. 
A man scarred by life as well as in the flesh, Simon has retreated in a multitude of ways and is more than shocked to find himself the object of Marie’s desire. A hard sell, the story of his demise as a standalone figure was entertaining to say the least. This is definitely a great addition to the storyline.

Book Blurb for Marriage Proposal

Simon, Lord Marby needs a wife. Having located his missing nephew at the orphanage in Worthington, he desperately wishes to atone for the mission which caused the death of the boy’s father. Yet each step into society is greeted with fear and distrust for the scarred visage and reputation which marks him as the Beast of Worthington.

Miss Marie Cunningham has been waiting for her handsome knight on white steed. After the happy marriages of her three friends, surely it is her turn. When young Peter finds her she is happy to discover his successful adoption but does he truly ask her to propose marriage to the dread lord of her youth?

A jaded, scarred lord and a fanciful miss could hardly be the perfect match, but maybe there’s more than meets the eye when trouble invades the estate and their very lives are threatened with Simon’s sordid past.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00