Marriage Plot

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Marriage Plot

Book Two in the Marriage series...

This is the second installment in the Marriage Series. 
In love with Nicolas since she was a girl of thirteen, Lady Caroline’s feelings only grow stronger, and more carnal, when he appears once again in her life. Confused by the feelings he evokes, she makes a daring move, and opens Nicolas’s eyes as well as her own. 
Set in England when young girls are protected to a ridiculous degree, Caroline is utterly clueless as to how a physical relationship should work, but that doesn’t stop her from speculating or wanting to find out. She only knows she wants Nicolas as her husband. But will be she underhanded to get what she wants?
Nicolas is on a mission, not solely for his country, but to protect his family as well. There are strange goings-on in the village near his home at the orphanage, and he and his companion, Puck, are there to investigate. The only problem is they are kind of going against orders to do so, and Nicolas could be tried for treason if found out. What lengths will he go to to protect those he holds dear?
The plot of this delightful tale was intricate, not impossible to follow, but still had a surprise villain. I hate to say it, but Puck, Nicolas’s American friend, almost stole the book. He was a delight, and if the author hadn’t penned in his romance along with Nicolas’s I would have demanded one. To fully engage your mind, give this book a try. And I look forward to the next installment, which should include Marie and perhaps a certain Lord X?

Book Blurb for Marriage Plot

Leaving his foreign mission is in direct violation of Lord Nicolas Bromley’s orders and punishable by hanging. Letting his family take the fall for treason, though, isn’t an option. His family believes Nicolas has been away on holiday for the past year. They have no reason to suspect he is a secret operative for the Crown.

Lady Caroline has been in love with Nicolas for eight years. She is determined to catch Nicolas’ notice and win a proposal of marriage while she visits with his sister.

Her wide golden eyes, soft curves, and stolen kisses send Nicolas reeling into awareness. But Caroline’s presence in his family home is a complication to his goal. She is everywhere he turns—a distraction he cannot resist.

When they are forced to marry, Nicolas must choose between Caroline and his mission, but in claiming the woman he loves, will he lose her forever when the truth is revealed and the Crown’s guard comes to call?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00