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Created, not born. Houston Lawton’s sons are actually cyborgs. When it became evident his genetic disorder would pass on to offspring, Houston decided to work around it. And so he created his four sons. They are gorgeous, rich, and brilliant. But they are also devoid of emotion, most notably love. When women who seem custom made for the men start appearing and marking them with a disk that neutralizes their emotion inhibitors, all hell breaks lose. The fact that they are unable to resist is troubling, too.  It’s seems to be the end for the four Lawton men. Or is it just the beginning?

Creative and original as well as steamy, this was a thought-provoking read. While I was a little lost in the beginning, the more I read the more became clear. A man’s desire for his line to continue made leaps in science, but took a huge step back in the evolution department. While we are left wondering who the women are and what their purpose truly is, there are clues along the way that point not at an assassin, but something else. You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Book Blurb for Marked

Money clips and microchips...that's what little boys are made of. Lace and flair and grave malware...that’s what little girls are made of.

Who knew a fatal crash could feel so good? Houston Lawton's sons are every woman's dream men: successful, intelligent, rich. There's just one little problem; they can't feel love. A jaded woman might claim that's typical of the breed, but they're not clueless. Cybernetic inhibitors suppress the emotion to stabilize their neuro-processors. They've never lost control...until now.

Length: HeatSheet (11.3 K words)

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.00