After the fall of the government of the United States everything has changed. No longer the world they grew up in, Evan and Priscilla steal time together in a remote cabin in the woods, hiding from those who would take them and force them to serve the Rebels or worse, be a slave. In love without saying the words, Evan and Priscilla make love like there's no tomorrow, and there just might not be after the unthinkable happens.

Sure Priscilla died that night, Evan bided his time and eventually escaped the prison he was put into. He took a group of men with him and became Strafe, the Marauder. Road Pirate. After five years existing, one fateful night he and his men encounter a group of women. And who should be their leader but Priscilla, living and breathing. Can she love the man he's become? And the opposite side of the coin, can he accept the woman she's had to be to survive?

Wow. This was an awesome read that I couldn't put down. Sex started out the story and it just got better from there. Shown as a loving couple toying with living together, Evan and Priscilla are viciously separated and that changes them at the very core. When they reconnect the chemistry is as strong as ever but they have to get to know whom the other has changed into.

Evan, now Strafe, has turned into a hard emotionless man as a result of his perceived failure to protect Priscilla when she needed him most. When he sees her again he's overcome with emotion and that scares him. Convinced he's still not good enough he punishes himself, and Priscilla, in the most erotic ways imaginable. He's also harboring some anger over how she's spent the last five years.

Priscilla went from being afraid of her own shadow to leading a group of women through the wilderness the world has become. I loved her attitude and commitment and loyalty. She made Strafe work for it because he wouldn't have respected her otherwise. I will definitely be reading this over and over for that tingle the hot scenes delivered repeatedly. Don't miss this book!

Book Blurb for Marauder

Nothing mattered in Evan Duvall’s life as much as his sexy, timid Priscilla. Her touch could destroy and resurrect with one feathery stroke. Pleasure was all they could give each other—and Priscilla gave freely. Her presumed death annihilated Evan and brought to life Strafe, the notorious road pirate.

After years of loneliness, Strafe finds Priscilla alive—and changed. She’s feisty, independent and sensual as hell. She may be wary of the new Strafe but her body responds with a hungry need he finds impossible to ignore. Waiting for her capitulation becomes torture, so he begins a series of inventive, erotic teasing sessions that keep her in a constant state of arousal.

But to properly care for Priscilla, as well as those who’ve come to depend on him, the pirate must strike again.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.75