Make Me Sweat

Guilty Pleasure Alert! Down and dirty turns into happily Ever after. When Ever and Simon meet the first time it's under false pretenses, not to mention hidden identities. But through all the subterfuge their souls recognize the other as it's mate and every thing else falls to the sidelines. While Ever and Simon struggle with their professional identities as they interfere with their feelings, Ever's quasi-ex is in the background and that can't be good. I wonder if the sexual tension between Wes and Jayce was one time only, or if there is a story to be told there as well.

With some pretty graphic sex that is usually reserved for dirty movies, the author managed to turn an act that most cringe about into something else entirely. Quite the feat. Ever and Simon's chemistry was the fuel for the story, the rest was just gift wrapping. Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Make Me Sweat

Charged with planting a listening device in the office of a dangerous nightclub owner, Ever Marcille accepts an invite from her target to indulge in some naughty play. She didn’t count on their mutual, insatiable need, or the many ways his closely guarded secrets are intertwined with hers.

Undercover federal agent Simon Dakin has one thing on his mind, catching the arms dealer known as Ghost. That’s until he spies the mysterious woman at his bar. Time after time she comes in, teasing his senses. Starring in his fantasies. He promises himself one night with her in his arms, but a single taste isn’t possible. He’s hooked.

Even as their secrets intrude, Dak and Ever succumb to their desires. But time is running out. Secrets past and present must be revealed. Can their new-found feelings survive the many blows, or is this over before it even begins?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50