Maia and Rylan

Tales of the Shareem, #1.5

Rylan is a Shareem, a genetically enhanced man designed to give sexual pleasure.  He grew up at DNAmo, the lab that created him.  What isn’t common knowledge is that DNAmo once made a female Shareem.  Maia was beautiful, with black hair and blue eyes, and she intimidated any man she came in contact with.  Deemed a failure, she was deemed only acceptable for experiments. 

Friends since they were children, albeit secretly, Rylan and Maia’s feelings for one another have grown as they have.  Late at night they play sensual games, but never make love completely.  Determined to be together completely and always, they plan their escape.  But DNAmo shuts down on the day they are to run, and Maia disappears.  Unable to locate her Rylan is devastated and heartbroken.  He spends the next 20 years looking for her.  What happens when he finds her?

When Rio, another Shareem, calls to tell Rylan they’ve found Maia he can’t believe it.  He’s shocked to find out where she’s been all this time, and the affects it’s had on her.  She doesn’t remember him.  Whisking her off to the house he built just for her, Rylan begins his strategy of making her love him all over again.  And if he needs a little help from Rio, so be it. 

Explicit and sexy, Rylan’s seduction and Maia’s surrender made for a sweet and spicy read.  Rio is an intriguing character and deserving of his own love. A good read that passed all to quickly.

Book Blurb for Maia and Rylan

DNAmo created the Shareem--males genetically altered to be the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Hidden in their files is record of a secret experiment--the first and only female Shareem, a black-haired, blue-eyed woman named Maia.

Inside the DNAmo compound, Rylan, a level-two Shareem, is the bright point in Maia's life. Though forbidden to see the experimental Shareem female, Rylan finds secret ways to meet her, to befriend her, and to teach her every sinful game he knows.

But on the day DNAmo shuts down, Maia disappears without a trace. Heartbroken, Rylan will do anything to find her...

This is a short story of the Shareem world (approx 12,000 words).

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00