Magic Man

Brady spent his formative years submerging himself in drugs and debauchery to escape what he really was. Magic. Pulled out of this life by his best friend before he could get caught or hurt someone else, he’s now a detective using his powers for good, for the most part. He occasionally uses his gifts of telekinesis, mind reading and mind control mischievously but has his best friend, now a priest, who tries to keep him in line. Engaged to a woman who he hopes will help him be “normal” he doesn’t count on what will happen when he meets another like him.
Molly is on the run. She was caged and experimented on by a mad man and his minions. She is part witch and part wolf. Her lifespan is longer than that of a human. She can wield magic and shape shift. Her captor’s goal is to harvest these gifts for himself, and ostensibly for mankind. But her captive isn’t benevolent. He’s evil and cruel. When she escapes and runs to Brady for help she unwittingly exposes him to the same dangers she herself is running from. Can she and Brady overcome the obstacles to save themselves, Molly’s litter mate, and all the other magical individuals being held hostage?
With her usual style the author has ensnared me into a world of mystery, magic and romance. And hot sex. With the appearance of characters from many of her previous books, it would be helpful to have read those stories, but not required. 
Brady is your average man in respect to his preoccupation with the opposite sex. Engaged to be married but not blind, he has some bad tendencies. In addition, he uses his powers on his fiancé to change her basic personality during sex; a major no no. Molly is a member of wealthy and dangerous family, but doesn’t contact them for help. I found that a little hard to believe, but it made it necessary to turn to another for help. Hence the storyline that connects her with Brady. 
The story held no great surprises but kept me on the edge of my seat. Rooting for the good guys, and plotting the demise of the bad guys, made for an entertaining interlude. With peaks into previous characters lives it made me feel reconnected to the characters I so enjoyed before. With hints and a little foreshadowing, I look forward to more stories into the paranormal world of Wendy Stone.

Book Blurb for Magic Man

Heat rating: 4 Novas

# of pages or word count: 173 pages

Brady Knight has abilities that are shocking and mind boggling, abilities that he doesn't always use for the good of man. He is a "magic man", gifted with a mixture of telekinesis, mind reading, and mind control which he uses for his own gain.

Molly Wolfe is in trouble. Kidnapped by a group of men trying to figure out her people's secret to longevity, she's managed to escape and she needs help.

Can Brady help her and rescue the Were left in the compound, including her litter mate? Or will he become lost in the desire that she flames inside of him so easily? Only the Magic Man will find out.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.25