Lust After Death

Book one in the Love-Bots series.

Bane is just working to earn his mind wipe. He's sick of what he's done haunting him and a wipe is the way out. This is his last job before he can start to live a clean life, but Josie is more than he expected. She touches a part of him he didn't know he had. When the rescue of Josie goes awry he finds himself the object of her programming so she can live. Basically he's her husband. But what he didn't expect was that he'd like it. The touching she needs to live leads to more and before he knows it he's involved. He can't love himself, so how can Josie?

Reanimation is apparently common in this world. While the date isn't mentioned, I'm assuming it's an alternate universe. The leader of the Zombie Underground is Frank. Sound familiar? Apparently Bane is not the original inhabitant of his movie star body, so he's unaffected by the good looks he wears. Josie has no history as far as we are concerned, and is just a wind-up bride for the sicko who reanimated her. Where did he get her? How did the Zombie Underground find her? Why rescue her and not someone else? These are all questions I hope will be addressed in future books, if not Josie's answers then general ones.

The romance between Bane and Josie started out as a flirtation and morphed into something more due to circumstances. When Bane seemed intent on a wipe Josie was ready to say goodbye. What they experienced together is what drew them together; didn't he get that? Her manipulation belies her emotional infancy and illustrates the wiles of a woman can survive anything. I suspect the future stories will be as good if not better than this one, especially if there is more background. While not as hot and sex-filled as I would have liked this was a satisfying, if unusual, read.

Book Blurb for Lust After Death

In the Pacific Northwest, where life hurries to keep pace with technology, a re-animated bride named Josie struggles to escape her creator and to find her identity in the half-erased circuitry of her mind and body.

Assassin Bane Connor just wants to get the girl to the Zombie Underground and receive his payoff—a mental reset that will erase his memories as well as his guilt. But an attack by a rival faction derails his rescue, and the wide-eyed female whose circuitry requires a husband tears at his hardened heart and ignites desire like he’s never known.

Acting as Josie’s spouse-substitute is tougher than Bane expected. The newborn stein needs touch to live, and wanting her is a complication he doesn’t need. To make matters worse, she sees into the darkest recesses of his mind. The last thing a killer wants is for his lover to read his thoughts, but if Josie can love him the way he’s programmed, perhaps Bane can find a way to heal his past.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00