Lunar Lovers

Achelle is so alone. On a ship headed to her future she finds herself lost when her mother dies during the journey. Unprotected, she's trying to avoid the grabby captain and find a job at the space station they are docked at so she can escape his clutches. When she is offered a position by a nice man she grabs it out of desperation, not realizing he's her real future.

Samius recognizes Achelle as his mate right away by her scent. He tracks her and rescues her from a man intent on doing her harm for his own pleasure. When he lures her with him he figures he has lots of time to tell her about what is to come. Their species the Rane have peculiar mating rituals that may shock her but he will prepare her. But nature leaps ahead of Samius' plans and before he knows it they are embroiled in the tidal wave of tradition that demands Achelle bond with Samius as well as his six brothers. In a sexual fog she is horrified when she wakes the next day and realizes what she's done. Her answer? Run. But where?

Poor Achelle. I felt for her immediately. The harshness of her world was startling and her acceptance of her mother's profession disturbing. But her determination NOT to follow in her footsteps set the stage for the story, and the reason she ran after her first night with Samius and his brothers. Who wouldn't freak out? Raised by a woman who knew nothing of her biological heritage she was unprepared and unaware, and while Samius knew he couldn't be blamed for circumstances beyond his control. He was trying to ease her into things when instead he ended up immersing her immediately. So much for good intentions. While I thought it would be steamier than it was it was still an entertaining read that promises more stories to come. And I was amused by the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs similarities.

Book Blurb for Lunar Lovers

On an ancient space station, Samius recognizes Achelle, a half-human, half-Rane female, as his mate the moment he smells her sexy scent. Knowing their lust for each other will soon become uncontrollable, he races to get them home to his brothers so all seven of them can complete the Rane bonding ritual—mating and marking her as part of their family.

Samius’ brothers accept Achelle as his mate and she accepts them into her body, but is horrified at what she’s done when she wakes the next morning. Before Samius can explain her heritage and their culture, Achelle runs from him—and right into trouble, leaving her wondering if she’ll ever find a place where she belongs.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75