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Armed and Dangerous, #2

Years ago Trinity left the pain and humiliation she associated with home behind.  Once known as “Meaty” MacKenna, Trinity has taken control of her life and has everything the way she’s always wanted it.  She lives abroad, has a career she’s great at and is practically engaged to a gorgeous man with a killer accent and tons of money.  When she goes home for a visit her perfect world fades into the background when she sees Luke.  He’s everything she ever wanted in a man but wouldn’t allow herself to have.  Dark, dangerous, sexy and determined.  And he’s determined to have her.

We met Luke in book one and he is still undercover trying to help solve the slew of problems in southeastern Arizona.  On assignment he meets an unforgettable woman.  Green eyes that are familiar.  She’s a study in contradictions that intrigue him, and his interest is instantly engaged.  But then she says she’s engaged.  Almost.  Almost isn’t definitive, and she’s open game.  But it quickly becomes more than a game to win, it becomes a bid for a lifetime.

Wonderfully slow seduction.  Luke and Trinity tap dance around one another in their mating dance.  While they don’t leap immediately into bed with one another, that doesn’t mean that the story is lacking steam and erotic interludes.  Creative sexual encounters, dabbling in voyeurism and domination/submission, this book was a smorgasbord of sensuality.  Trinity examines her past, her insecurities, and finds her strength as a woman.  The mystery wasn’t bad either.  Definitely a must read.

Book Blurb for Luke

After four years abroad, Trinity MacKenna has returned home to her family's ranch in southeastern Arizona. Everything in her life is going just the way she planned it—a home in London, a brilliant career, and she's practically engaged to a gorgeous English gentleman. But when Trinity meets Luke, the cowboy turns her perfect world upside down. Everything about him is virile and sexy, dark and dangerous—and definitely not part of Trinity’s carefully arranged plans.

From the moment Luke Denver sees the sensual strawberry blond, he knows he's got to have her. Luke is intrigued by Trinity’s combination of sophistication and innocence, boldness and shyness. Even when Trinity tells him she's taken, Luke doesn't let that stop him, because he's determined to make her his…no matter the cost.

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Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50