Loving a Stranger

A Kindred Tales Novel - Brides of the Kindred

Evangeline Anderson continues her Kindred Tales with "Loving a Stranger".

Reeve presents a cold persona but that is in self-defense. His "kind" is not welcomed due to their ability to hijack another person. I can see that bias, but I'm more of 'I'll trust you until you prove I can't' person. When he's tapped to do a mission for the Kindred, he figures why not. What difference could it possibly make to him and he's doing it for a good cause; maybe it will bump up his street cred with the Kindred.

Nallah is a commodity on her planet and treated like luggage as a result. Be it good or bad, she had a good father who treated her well except when she needed it most. Now in a marriage with a monster she doesn't have any way out and each day is an exercise in stress and submission. When she is granted a reprieve due to an injury to her husband, she finds herself totally confused when he reawakens. He is NOT the man she married.

This raised a lot of interesting questions for me as I read it. Do we love a person's appearance or personality? Or both? Can you separate the two when one aspect of that entity changes completely? Can you forgive when the hand of your jailer is suddenly gentle? This was an engrossing and intriguing read with a fresh spin. Like all kindred books the goddess was present and caring for her children when they needed her most. Since this book dealt with physical abuse, the author posted a warning but very little was present, it was more in flashbacks and projected fear by Nallah and "remembered" by Reeve.

I fell in love with both Reeve and Nallah and as an observer appreciated the intricacies both were dealing with. Nallah was experiencing true caring for the first time in her life from a man and Reeve was discovering what it is the Goddess intends for all Kindred. For him to find, and love, his mate. A very good read.

Book Blurb for Loving a Stranger

A warrior able to take over the body of another

Thrust into his enemy's life.

Soon he begins to love his enemy's lonely, abused wife

but can she ever trust him again when she finds out she has been

Loving a Stranger?

Reeve J'lorn is an M-Switch Kindred. Their ability to jump into and control the body of another male for a limited period of time has gotten them the derisive nickname, "Snatchers" and they are not trusted by the other branches of the Kindred. Nevertheless, it is to Reeve, an acknowledged pirate and Snatcher, that the Kindred must turn with a top secret mission--to snatch the body of a high ranking enemy and destroy a secret weapon which threatens the entire universe. And so, Reeve steps into the body of his enemy...and into a whole different world.

When Nallah Parokk's husband goes into a coma, she secretly hopes he will never awaken. Harryx is cruel and cold to her, beating her often and using her like a whore. Her existence is nearly unbearable but she knows it could be worse if her husband decides to throw her out on the street. Then he wakes up and suddenly he's...different. He's kind and loving in a way he never was before, so much so that Nallah is almost ready to forgive his past behavior. But what is behind her husband's sudden transformation? And will this change for the better last?

Though he tries not to, Reeve is falling in love with his enemy's wife. But the beautiful little female with wide golden eyes is so wary around him, he wonders what the real Harryx did to her. When he begins to find out, he is horrified. How can he ever get Nallah to love him back when he is inhabiting the body of a monster--her jailer and abuser? He knows he has to tell her the truth about who he is but how can he make her understand? And if he does, will she ever be able to trust again after she finds out she has been...Loving a Stranger?

*Author's Warning*

Though I have tried to handle it in a delicate way, readers with a past history of domestic abuse may find parts of this book disturbing. Sadly, many of the situations my heroine encounters are taken from true accounts of abused women. If you are in an abusive situation, please seek help.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 5.00