Lost Memories

Mace was in a dangerous situation, presented with soul-wrenching evidence that his mate was dead, and numbly allowed himself to be led away from the prison both he and his mate were being held in.  Years later, he’s stunned and thrilled to find Honie is actually alive.  But she’s furious.  And unforgiving.   

Honie has gaps in her memory.  When confronted with the man who left her in a prison to rot while he escaped, she is torn between fury and wanting to jump his bones for sex.  Can she forgive his betrayal and desertion?

The description of the story had me anticipating lots of angry sex, but it kind of fell short on that.  I enjoyed the story but call me vindictive, I expected Honie to give Mace more hell than she did.  The journey to forgiveness for Honie and Mace’s contrition and desire to reconnect with his mate made for a good solid read, but I wished for more.  The mission they were on hinted at a prequel, and the story's ending made me think there would be a sequel.  I will be looking.

Book Blurb for Lost Memories

Honie is trying to regain the lost pieces of her memory. Escorting a small group of shifters, she finds her mate among the crew and is torn between desire and fury. She can’t deny her body aches for his, but doesn’t know if she can forgive him for leaving her.

Mace believed his mate was dead and is elated she’s alive. He’s determined to break through her anger and uses the journey to reestablish the bond between them. If his words can’t soothe her anger, maybe a little hot sex will help.

Sparks fly between them and searing glances become heated caresses and sated sighs. But their mission takes them into danger and they’ll have to trust each other to survive.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.00