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The Tunsey Men, #1

Princess Lisette led a charmed life until her mother died. She was kind and good and that was turned against her when her father brought home her stepmother. A witch of the dark arts she has bewitched her father and takes great pleasure in torturing Lisette. When the princess overhears plans that involve her death she flees the castle in the dark of night and wanders until she finds a small, but filthy, cottage in the woods. The Tunsey brothers are gone for the day in their mine, so in hopes of being considered useful Lisette cleans the house and proceeds to fall asleep in one of the brothers beds. And so the story begins.

Calling dibs on a woman is hardly romantic, but these three men are sorely lacking in the finer aspects of society. Handsome they are, and that gets them women. But of the three Tunsey brothers, Gifford the eldest is drawn to Lisette the most and claims her as his own. He just has to convince her of it.

This started as a standard fairytale but then it turned dark and steamy. The time of Gifford and Lisette falling in love was bright and shiny, but then Lisette's past intrudes and with it comes the darkness. Highlighting how a life of privilege is not all it's cracked up to be, once Lisette is restored to her father she is once again a victim and doesn't know how to escape. While she is bandied about Gifford is distraught and half-mad but when he finds her his reaction is understandable but disappointing. Since this is a romance and a fairytale, you can guess how it ends but getting to the ending is way out of the realm of the ordinary. The uses of sex in all its forms from making love to being a weapon are explored. From sensuous to twisted this was a story that kept me reading.

Book Blurb for Lisette

Princess Lisette, knowing her evil stepmother wants to kill her, flees the castle and runs into the woods. After a terrifying and exhausting night out, she finds a cottage in the woods owned by the Tunsey brothers. They listen to her tale and agree to allow her to stay. They are all appealing but she falls for the oldest, a man named Gifford. When Gifford finds her in trouble, there is nothing he wouldn't do to save his charming Lisette.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00