Leave Me Breathless

Men are strange creatures, non-communicative when it matters. Both Mitch and Jake had a past with Tessa. But unlike all the things they shared together, they never share her. Why ??? Because she mattered and both kept their relationship quiet. 
Thrown into an espionage nightmare, Tessa is faced with the two men from her past she had to let go. She would have married either one at the time they were together, but circumstances forced them apart. Now confronted with both at the same time, she discovers they are best friends, and they both want her back. Decisions decisions. While the men made their individual attempts to win her back, it backfired and she wanted both. That can’t happen. Right?
This was a non-traditional but definitely a heartfelt read. The espionage story hovered in the background and was tied up nicely with a bow at the end. This is the first time I’ve read a happily-ever-after ménage that actually considered what the family and friends of the trio would think of their relationship. As if it mattered. Definitely an engrossing read if you are looking for steam and sensuality. 

Book Blurb for Leave Me Breathless

N.C.I.S. officers Mitch Robbins, former Navy Seal and Jake Bradley, M.I.T. grad, now computer specialist, have shared everything since they were children, including women. Now they're sharing an assignment, guarding Tessa Williams, the civilian scientist in charge of a massive military project.

Mitch and Jake's orders are simple. Keep Tessa safe, but they'll soon find that there's nothing simple about guarding this little spitfire.

Tessa Williams is the one women from their past that got away. The one woman they'd both been in love with and now they both want back. Together, they seduce Tessa. But in the end, she will have to decide which one she wants.

The only problem is, she wants them both.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/f/m).

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.25