Lazy Son

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Lazy Son

Hell's Son Book 1

Well here's a shocker; the antichrist is kind of lazy. He has no direction, no ambition and is pretty laid back. Likes the occasional drink and loose woman, too. In fact, he sounds kind of average. And that really is disappointing .... to him.

Raised in a cult and told he's the end of the line for humanity, Christopher is rather shocked he's not more awesome than he is, and that other people don't see his potential. Not that he's done anything noteworthy or spectacularly devious, but come on! When things start to (finally) get weird and he meets a girl that makes him want to be all he can be, a father who is apparently indeed Lucifer, and a mother who isn't of this world, he starts to change.

Isobel is the girl that catches Christopher's eye. Her family is practically royalty in the paranormal world and consists of powerful witches and warlocks, but Isobel falls short of the mark in the power department. Caught between her attraction to Christopher and her familial expectations, Isobel finds herself in a pickle more than once. What with dead bodies rising and a pact made by her grandfather that she must now fulfill she ends up on the altar. Matrimony, not sacrifice. And that's just the start of the surprises.

"Lazy Son" is a delightful read and promises more to come. There is lots of witty banter, disgruntled dismay and egos too big to fit anywhere. Plus you get lots of flirting and attraction, but it is a slow boil between Chris and Isobel. "Lazy Son" is a must read if you like a snarky escape with lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

Book Blurb for Lazy Son

The problem with being born with expectations is the failure to live up to any.

Christopher might be the antichrist but taking over the world and leading the minions of darkness sounds like a lot of work. And while slacking is a sin his supposed dad Lucifer approves of, his lack of goals is a problem.

Personally, Christopher would rather just work hard enough to make ends meet—and maybe buy a six-pack. But fate is conspiring against him. For some reason the dead won't stay in the ground, apparently he's not an only child, he has sisters and this hot chick he met in the cemetery refuses to sleep with him.

It’s time for this lazy prince in waiting to rise to the occasion and embrace destiny—or at least make out with it.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.50